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How it work


Fill in the information and cash amount that you want to borrow. Make sure to secure all the details and information needed in the application form.


We help you choose the loan type that applies to your purpose. We provide you a direct lender that will evaluate and agree with your loan.


You will get your borrowed money to your bank account when the lender approves your loan application.


Your Alternative to
Payday loan

We cannot avoid financial problems in our life. Our income is not enough to fulfill all the expenses and needs that we have. We need extra funds to provide our lacking resources, especially during our emergencies. In order to survive in those crises, we borrow money from the bank or to our colleagues. But, we are not sure when we can get the money or if they can surely give you the exact cash amount you need. Well, you don’t have to worry because you can get your loan as fast and easy with an online loan.

The Cash Spaces is a registered credit financier of Serpable LTD. We provide you the best loan for your problem with the help of our various lenders. We have products and services that you can choose for and get your money instantly.


Products & Services

Submit your application and we will help you to choose your loan.


Select the amount you need for your payday loan and get it instantly from your direct lender.


Fill in the information needed to secure your loan application and instantly get your cash amount.


We provide short term loans for your purpose with a higher interest rate.


It does not matter if you have a bad history credit. We provide the plans that you need with our unsecured loans.


What our customer Say



    I was amazed by how fast the process of loan application is. After I submit my application, the lender provides me the cash that I need.



    I have been to other online loans but I always got disappointed because they don't transfer the money quickly. I have to wait for two weeks to process my application and get my money. However, when I found out Cashspaces, it changed my life. I could get my loan instantly.




    It is indeed an alternative to our payday loan. I don't have to worry about what type of loan I need because they provide me everything.




    In times of emergencies, I always lack funds and don't know where to find extra income. Good thing I found Cashspace, I don't have to worry anymore.




    Cashspace is a great online loan. They have a variety of plans that could provide the cash amount that you need.



Frequently asked questions

Is it secure to apply for an online payday loan?

Our service is safe and secure. An online payday loan is a good way to have an efficient loan transaction. We promise you that we don’t share your personal information with anyone except only to your chosen lender. However, you must still be cautious when you choose your lender and make sure it has good reviews.

Do you have eligibility requirements to apply for a loan?

We require our applicants must be at least 18 yrs old and above and lives in the UK. It is also required to have a source of income and a valid UK bank account to become an eligible loaner.

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What information do I need to approve my application?

You must secure your personal information, bank information, employment and residential details, and proof of income.

What is auto-decision?

Auto-decision is a decision given to the lenders. Lenders have the right to decide if the loan application that evaluated can receive the money or not.

Do you have a payday loan for bad credit?

Our loan types are applicable to all even if you have a history of bad credit.

Why are unsecure loans have a higher interest rate?

Lenders imposed a higher interest rate for unsecured loans because it does not have collateral for repayment.

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